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The Landmark Project

The Landmark Project is the most significant open space project at the University of Toronto in the past 100 years. Our plan, based on more than a year of public consultation, envisions removal of surface parking in the historic core of campus and a stunning network of accessible, pedestrian-friendly spaces, unifying the University’s heritage grounds for the first time in decades. When completed, the space will once again serve as the thriving centre of campus, shaping and elevating the student experience.

students walking accross campus as part of graduation

A more walkable and accessible campus

The University of Toronto Landmark Project will recapture the original open spirit of the St. George Front Campus and King’s College Circle by creating a forward-thinking underground garage with capacity for 60 electric vehicle parking spaces, and secure storage capacity for more than 300 bikes. Existing asphalt will be replaced with granite pavers in shades that complement the slate, copper, stone and brick of the historic architecture.

The Circle will become a beautifully integrated green space for the University community and the city at large. A necklace of winding granite pathways, dotted with beautiful gardens and generous seating, will connect several new public spaces along the Circle creating dynamic new gathering places and a more integrated, safer and accessible campus. A new pavilion and plaza leading to the Medical Sciences Building will feature a café and indoor and outdoor seating.

Elevating our iconic spaces

The project will also rejuvenate the space surrounding Convocation Hall—the ceremonial heart of campus, where generations of graduating students have assembled to receive their diplomas and begin a new chapter in their lives. Here a spectacular new plaza will signal the significance these grounds hold for thousands of students, alumni and families, and provide a much more dignified passage to King’s College Circle.

Hart House Circle and Sir Daniel Wilson Quadrangle will also receive significant upgrades. New granite pathways will elevate the experience of passing through these spaces to Front Campus and King’s College Circle. Hart House Circle will be reconfigured as a loop around the Observatory Building, with the current road replaced by a new pedestrian plaza.

Enhancing Back Campus

On Back Campus, new seating areas will create much-needed spaces for conversation, relaxation and quiet reflection. Resilient grasses, early-flowering trees and species that stay green well into the fall will be introduced, while a stately row of trees along Tower Road will frame the view south to the Soldiers’ Tower. The Back Campus fields will be integrated into the landscape with the addition of terraced seating, giving spectators a comfortable place to watch sporting events.

These elements, together with many more enhancements, will transform our campus into a much greener, more accessible and socially dynamic place. With the support of our community, we will reinstate the campus core as one of Toronto’s essential public spaces.

I have such fond memories of the countless days where my wife Barbara would bring lunch to campus and, weather permitting, we’d picnic in and around King’s College Circle. When Barbara passed away, I wanted to do something to commemorate how important the campus was for us, and the Landmark Project is a perfect way to do it. As Barbara loved flowers, I decided to dedicate a garden and a bench in her honour. The garden will be situated on the Circle and the bench will be placed so that anyone who sits on it will have a lovely view, including the MIE building where I have been a professor for over fifty years.
Charles A. Ward Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering.
Charles A. Ward, Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering
When I learned about the Landmark Project, I decided that I could do something for my son. We would name a bench in memory of Raj. It will be permanent and have his name on it.
Bharati “Bee-Bee” Mukherjee
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Bharati 'Bee-Bee' Mukherjee
We enthusiastically support the Landmark Project’s goal of creating a more inclusive, pedestrianized and student-friendly campus environment
Mathias Memmel President of the University of Toronto Students’ Union.
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U of T President Meric Gertler pictured with UTSU President Anne Boucher with UTSU Past President Mathias Memmel
We share the University’s vision of a modern campus that is fully integrated into the social, cultural, intellectual and environmental life of the city.
Mathias Memmel President of the University of Toronto Students’ Union.
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Photo of Mathias Memmel
Being back on campus takes me right back to my student days. We took our classes in the School of Practical Science building, which everybody called the Old Red Skule House.
Esther Atkin (DPTOT 1967)
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Photo of Esther Atkin and batchmates
Supporting Landmark is about so much more than a paving stone. It’s about creating a spot to gather and remember how important the University of Toronto has been to me and to my family.
Dario Di Censo (BCom 1988 UTM)
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Photo of Dario Di Censo
Walking across King’s College Circle on the way to class, attending events at Hart House or playing sports on Back Campus field are such important elements of campus life. The opportunity to make them even better versions of themselves is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Lesley Riedstra (HBA 1995 NEW) and Rian Mitra (BSc 1997 NEW)
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Photo of Lesley Riedstra and partner
With the support of our community, we will revitalize our breathtaking architectural inheritance and reinstate the St. George campus core as one of the most vibrant and indispensable public spaces in our city and country.
R. Scott MacKendrick (BASc 1982) University of Toronto Alumni Association
Pictured with President Meric Gertler
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Photo of Scott MacKendrick with Meric Gertler
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