General questions

We will begin reaching out to Landmark donors in the spring of 2020 to confirm your recognition preferences, including the wording of your inscription. All donors should expect to hear from us no later than the summer of 2020.

Yes! We are pleased to receive inscription wording and recognition preferences from our donors at any time. Please take a moment to review the recognition guidelines for pavers below. Once you have decided on your preferred wording, you can e-mail it to us at

Construction is set to begin in spring 2020, and will continue for three years. Throughout the construction phase, we will regularly share progress updates with our donors. We expect to celebrate the project’s completion in 2023.

Paver questions

The pavers will be located around King’s College Circle and the area around Simcoe Hall—the historic core of St George campus.

Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate location requests given the size of the area and the number of stones involved, but all stones will be placed in a suitable location with high pedestrian traffic and protection from vehicle traffic.

We can, however, ensure that pavers of family or friends are placed together. At the conclusion of the project, we will develop a map that will help donors to locate their paver.

Landmark pavers are elegant 12”x12” granite squares engraved with a personal message. See below for examples of what your inscribed paver will look like!

7/8” cap height, Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No. 20, REMBA engraving

Paver inscriptions can be up to 50 characters total, including spaces, with a maximum of 18 characters per line. Inscriptions must follow the naming format described below.

Three elements are permitted:

  1. Optional prefatory message:
    • In honour of
    • In memory of
    • In recognition of
    • In celebration of
  2. One or two names, e.g.:
    • Joseph Benjamin
    • Joseph Benjamin and Esther F. Caplan
    • Joseph and Esther Benjamin
    • Benjamin Family
  3. Optional U of T degrees, e.g.:
    • BA 1958
    • BA 58
    • BA 1958 UC

Examples include:

  • Sameer Sekhon

  • In honour of

    Esther F. Caplan

  • Honourable


  • Joseph Benjamin and Esther F. Caplan

  • Pauline Mills

    BA 5T8

  • Andrew Ma

    BA 1958

  • Maria Annunziata

    BA 1958 UC

Yes, degrees may be included. Please observe the following guidelines for degrees:

  • U of T degrees or honorary degrees only
  • College affiliation can be included
  • Degrees will be verified, and must be awarded no later than Spring 2020 convocation
  • Suggested formats include:
    • Maria Annunziata BA 5T8
    • Maria Annunziata BA 1958
    • Maria Annunziata BA 1958 UC

The following things are not permitted:

  • Business or organization names
  • Non U of T degrees
  • Salutations (e.g., Mr., Mrs., Ms.)
  • Descriptors of any kind (e.g. mother, daughter, mentor, teacher, friend), with the exception of official retired U of T titles/roles (e.g. Provost, Vice-Dean, Professor, etc.)