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Granite Paver

Granite pathways and the introduction of several new granite-paved plazas will make the St. George Front Campus and King’s College Circle more accessible and enjoyable for students, staff, faculty and the wider community.

With cars no longer dominating the landscape, the St. George campus core will at long last be returned to pedestrians, creating dynamic new gathering places and a more integrated and safer campus.

You can support U of T’s future and become a part of its history with an engraved granite paver to be placed in the area around Convocation Hall. With only 3500 granite pavers available, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to mark your connection to the University or honour someone special.

Granite pavers are generous 12”x12” squares, which can be engraved with up to 50 characters. See below for scale!

Support a Landmark Project granite paver today


The addition of new seating areas will offer more opportunities for discussion, relaxation, quiet reflection or simply taking in the scenery. Join us in making the St. George campus a more welcoming and comfortable destination by making a gift that will be recognized on a bench in the University’s historic core.

You can support U of T’s future and become a part of its history with a Landmark Project bench. More than 100 single and double-length benches will be added to areas near and around King’s College Circle, creating new areas for rest and relaxation, conversation and reflection. The commemorative benches will be situated to serve as many people as possible and to provide optimal views of the grounds and the University’s iconic buildings.

Your name can be inscribed on one side of a commemorative bench through an online gift. There are also multiple sizes of benches available at various donation commitments. To learn more about different bench sizes contact Jonathan Cheevers at 416-978-4928 or jonathan.cheevers@utoronto.ca.

Support a Landmark Project bench today

Other Ways to Leave Your Mark

The University of Toronto Landmark Project includes a range of significant naming opportunities for prominent new public spaces along King’s College Circle, around Hart House Circle and in other connected areas. These include signature plazas, seating areas, walkways and pavilions that are beautifully integrated with the winding granite pathways and gardens. Serving as flexible outdoor gathering spaces for students and the community, they will transform our open spaces into a much greener, more accessible and socially dynamic place.

To learn more about other Landmark Project giving opportunities, contact Jonathan Cheevers at 416-978-4928 or jonathan.cheevers@utoronto.ca.

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