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A place to come together

When Dario Di Censo heard about the Landmark Project and how it will transform the St. George campus, he felt an immediate need to be a part of it.

Dario Di Censo smiling and standing on Front Campus with University College in the background
Dario Di Censo (BCom 1988 UTM)

“An opportunity like this comes along once in a lifetime,” says Dario Di Censo (BCom 1988 UTM). “It’s one of those generational projects, like Con Hall and Soldiers’ Tower, that have such a big impact on students, faculty and staff, as well as the people of Toronto.”

Dario has chosen to make a gift that will be commemorated on a paving stone in the heart of the St. George campus. “I went to UTM, but regardless of what campus you’re affiliated with, Front Campus is such an iconic part of the U of T experience,” said Dario. “Everyone lines up and walks across King’s College Circle on their graduation day. It’s about tradition, about remembering the thousands who walked this path before you. It was a magical experience for me and I’ll never forget it.”


The Landmark Project is the University’s most significant open space project of the past century. The initiative will reclaim the historic core of St. George campus for pedestrians by creating a cohesive, welcoming and beautiful network of open-air spaces that befit U of T’s status as one of the world’s great universities. New granite plazas and pathways, beautiful gardens, striking vistas, seating areas and the dramatic reduction of surface parking will make the campus even greener and more accessible to students, faculty and the wider public, while preserving the intrinsic character and legacy of one of our nation’s most important landscapes.

Dario and his brother Tony, whose parents came to Canada from Italy, were the first in their family to go to university. Today, two of Dario’s nieces have attended U of T and when the time comes, he hopes his daughters will also choose the University of Toronto. “I took one of my daughters to Spring Reunion this year,” says Dario. “She’s in grade 11 and wasn’t sure where she wanted to go to university. But when I showed her around she said, ‘Dad, it’s so beautiful. I’m getting goosebumps and I can already see myself going here.’ That meant so much to me, and the Landmark Project will make the campus even more beautiful for future generations of students.”


A variety of gift recognition opportunities are available through the Landmark Project, including new plazas, pavilions, gardens, trees, benches and granite paving stones. Starting at $1,000 for the placement of an engraved paving stone, these opportunities offer a unique and meaningful way to pay tribute to a loved one, celebrate a milestone or honour an important memory of your time at U of T.

“Supporting Landmark is about so much more than a paving stone,” Dario says. “It’s about creating a spot to gather and remember how important the University of Toronto has been to me and to my family. As the son of immigrants who came to Canada with very little materially, being able to go to a school like U of T is a big deal. I owe so much of who I’ve become to my U of T education. This is my way of saying thanks.”

Posted on December 6, 2017