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For Harvey Botting, the Landmark project is a family affair

Harvey Botting’s paver will honour his family ties to U of T: the Bottings have earned degrees here over three generations, ever since 1924.

Harvey Botting and Kevin Botting smile while standing side by side, indoors
Left to right: Harvey Botting (BA 1967 VIC, MBA 1985) with son and fellow U of T grad Kevin Botting (MBA 2006)

Harvey Botting (BA 1967 VIC, MBA 1985) is one in a long line of U of T grads. “You could say the University of Toronto is in my DNA,” says Botting. “Four members of my family, including my uncle Ken (DDS 1924), brother Dick (BASc 1964) and son Kevin (MBA 2006) attended U of T over the course of almost a century—that’s a significant part of my personal history and the history of the University. There’s an elegant linkage there.”

Harvey has chosen to honour his family ties to the University with a Landmark Project paver to be placed in the area around Convocation Hall.

“I will forever be indebted to this great institution for what it has done for me and my family,” says Botting. “I can never repay this debt, but I can give back to my alma mater in terms of what I call the three Ts: time, talent and treasure.”

In addition to supporting the Landmark Project, Harvey has served on the Governing Council (including its Executive Committee, Academic Board, Business Board, Pension Committee and the Committee for Honorary Degrees), the UTAA Board of Directors, the President’s International Advisory Council, and has chaired the Vision Fund at the Rotman School of Management. He received an Arbor Award in 2001 in recognition of his outstanding volunteer commitment to the University.


The Landmark Project is one of the most significant open space projects to take place on the St. George campus since the 19th century. This extraordinary initiative will recapture the original open spirit of Front Campus and King’s College Circle by creating a beautifully integrated green space for the University community and the city at large. A necklace of winding granite pathways, dotted with beautiful gardens and generous seating, will connect several new public spaces along the Circle creating dynamic new gathering places and a more integrated and accessible campus.

“Our front campus is truly the village green of the University of Toronto,” says Botting. “It’s time for a refresh of this iconic space—to once again make it the crown jewel of our St. George campus. U of T was the ideal university experience for me. I’m delighted that through the Landmark Project, I’m able to contribute to making the university experience even more ideal for future U of T students.”


A variety of gift recognition opportunities are available through the Landmark Project, including commemorative benches and granite paving stones. These opportunities offer a unique and meaningful way to pay tribute to a loved one, celebrate a milestone or honour an important memory of your time at U of T.

“The joy I felt when I first came to the University of Toronto in the mid-60s is the same joy I feel today when I’m on campus,” says Botting. “For the rest of my life I will walk to King’s College Circle and visit my family’s square foot of granite. I’ll look at it for a moment, it will give me pleasure, and then I’ll press on.”

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Posted on February 5, 2019